Between nervous laughter and tears of joy - Emilio Moreno | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Between nervous laughter and tears of joy

What are emotions? What is their social function? What is the relationship between cognition and emotion? Between emotions and political discourse? How does emotional capitalism affect you? How do emotions vary in the digital environment? Artificial intelligence and emotions? What do emotions have to do with the rise of populism? What do they have to do with TV series? Why is self-help the best-selling literary genre in the world? What is corporate storytelling? What is the relationship between narration, images, performance and emotions?

This artistic research project aims to find out what we know and what we misunderstand about emotions, and to analyse how these influences both the generation of narratives and power relationships. We want to conduct a multidisciplinary investigation into alternative ways of understanding the individual, their emotions and their context beyond the established discourse.



Emilio Moreno