Coche de plástico en un palet - Natalia Suárez, Gómez Selva | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Coche de plástico en un palet

Residents: Natalia Suárez y Gómez Selva

Coche de plástico en un palet (Plastic car on a pallet) arose from the need of the artists Natalia Suárez and Gómez Selva to work with things that they had found. Through the connection of their lines of work they aim to transform and bring new meaning to things regarded as foreign objects, using what is discarded by others as their raw material.

Through the use and transformation of existing images they seek to direct their formal and artistic narratives towards a collective way of working, leading to a “recycled” common perception of the existing in which the superposition of the images allows the creation of new pieces.

  • Date: 24-09-2018 > 30-11-2018


Gómez Selva

Gómez Selva

Visual artist