"I hold you and you hold me" - Eszter Katalin | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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"I hold you and you hold me"

The project to be completed during the Tabakalera residency program will be a video dealing with the term "care" within a queer-feminist context. It is planned as a half-scripted dialogue situation between two people identifying as female and queer, evolving around their desires to take care of each other, yet by doing so reproducing hierarchies of supremacy and subordination, ultimately only defending their own position of privilege and control. Showing their relentless fight for and against each other, the film will investigate whether care and the structures of desire by which it is driven can develop new forms of militancy through a continuous struggle to negotiate positions, to hold on and to let go, thus repeatedly reconfiguring the borders drawn in relation to another subjectivity.