The Invasive Garden (Psidium hortus) - Alberto López, Manuel Prados | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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The Invasive Garden (Psidium hortus)

Artist-in-residence: Alberto López and Manuel Prados

The Invasive Garden (Psidium hortus) proposes the construction of a botanical garden consisting of invasive plant species, based on the identification and study of species of this type naturalised in the Basque Country, with reference to their history and origin in relation to colonialism. It begins with a selection of non-native species which have now taken root in the Basque territory and which are, in most cases, considered typical of its landscape, but which originally come from parts of the world where the colonisation by the great European empires has been a powerful influence.

The project is true to the romantic principles of the wild garden, a liberation from human control over the flora in favour of a natural regulation of the vegetation. It is an indomitable garden, which rebels against any form of containment.






Alberto López Baena

Alberto López

Diseinatzailea, komisarioa eta artista bisuala

Manuel Prados

Manuel Prados

Artist and cultural producer