La historia del Laboratorio de Formas - Fran Meana | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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La historia del Laboratorio de Formas

Artist in residence: Fran Meana

Isaac Díaz Pardo, 1960

In 1963 a number of intellectuals in exile, including the painter, writer and theoretician Isaac Díaz Pardo, created El Laboratorio de Formas. Their intention was to recover the avant-garde art (a series of key figures and works disappeared during the dictatorship) and explore the possibilities offered by art and industry to develop models of creation, production and dissemination capable of modernising artistic activity and propelling it into the future.

This project aims to revive the legacy of El Laboratorio de Formas, taking as a starting point the book Discusión sobre la organización de las Industrias Manufactureras. Published in 1960 by Díaz Pardo, the book analyses the social and political dimension of artistic production and explores the connections between art and work at a key moment in industrial development where physical work began to change into cultural and immaterial production.





Fran Meana