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Creation Library - Ubik

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Ubik's main task is to promote culture and contemporary culture in particular. It also offers learning spaces for citizens, as well as reading, audio and viewing services, plus loan services.

Being a creation library, it also has resources available for promoting creation, such as video and audio editing tools, a small recording room, a stage, areas that are specially equipped for viewing films and listening to music, and spaces dedicated to research.

The creation library has also launched a series of projects and programmes related to different themes such as desktop publishing, videogames, experimental cinema, sound and technology etc., which are explored through seminars, meetings, workshops, and so on.

Tabakalera San Sebastian Ubik creation library

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Experimental Screen

Experimental Screen is a space related to the collection of the same name, where you can enjoy experimental cinema content in a more relaxed environment, trying to convey an experience closer to the cinema.

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Special collections

Special collections: desktop publishing, video games, experimental cinema, youth-children, kiosk, comics, cinema festivals... In addition, you will have access to various collections generated from the documentation of the activity of the centre in the Tabakalera archive, called Makusi.

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Research Assistance

Research Assistance is a service that promotes study and research and where the library offers content, advice and the necessary accompaniment for researchers who request it.

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Reservation system

We offer a reservation system which, as well as allowing you to reserve a document, also allows Ubik members to book and borrow resources (cameras and camcorders, MP3 devices, recorders, laptops...) and reserve spaces in the library which are focused on creation, such as the deck or audiovisual editing stations. 

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At Ubik, there is a desktop publishing corner for accessing the world of the fanzine and desktop publishing on paper and a technology corner, which invites citizens to experiment and where you will find a 3D printer, among other gadgets.

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The workshop has a full and varied programme of activities that revolves around the main subject areas of the library, such as contemporary thinking, video games, desktop publishing and audiovisual, sound and technology material.

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At Ubik there is a space for enjoying sitting, reclining, lying down or doing what you want, sitting on a sofa reading or looking at the views of the city, a place of introspection and silence. It is called the Living Room. Another way to enjoy yourself is to choose a magazine at the Kiosk, look at it and read it.

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Video Game Corner

And for anyone aged between 0 and 100 who wants to play, you cannot miss the Video Game Corner, a space to visit and / or delve into the world of video games, either for learning to program, creating video games or simply playing them.

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The Ubik-baita project

Ubik-baita is the cross-cutting project that covers all aspects and specific programmes that on a day-to-day basis help make Ubik an inclusive library, a library by and for all citizens.

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Kameleoiak gara!

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Practical info

Information note: Due to the declared state of alarm to manage the health crisis caused by Covid-19, the services offered by the Ubik library will be temporarily affected. Check here the services that Ubik will offer and the instructions for its use.

Opening hours and contact



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Ubik opening hours:

Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00 - 20:00

Sunday and Bank Holidays: 10:00 - 14:00

2nd floor




+34 943 475 050



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