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Contenidos - catálogo de la Biblioteca de Creación Ubik y archivo de Tabakalera

The library has different types of collections. There is a physical collection based on seven themes to be found in different areas and there is digital content. They are all available to the public.

This collection draws on two main sources: the contents acquired by purchase or exchange and those in the information archive and documentation of the activities planned by Tabakalera since 2005, a file we call Makusi. This archive can be queried by all citizens from this website. This also includes the Makusi selections, which contain documents and related information grouped by main programs.

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The Ubik catalogue has information about the 17,757 records at the library and it is possible to run specific searches and reserve content. For those of you wishing to discover content on different topics, please browse the following collections.

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Makusi selections

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