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  • Wednesday, 2 December 2020

    The Brazilian Film Library - An Archive in a state of Emergency

    "Límite", Mário Peixoto, Brasil, 1931, 120'

    Is it really possible and desirable to erase our past, our memory; that set of images and documents that render our gaze never-ending?

    / 18:00 Location: Zinea
    Organiser: Tabakalera
  • Friday, 4 December 2020

    Umbracle: three censorship situations at the San Sebastian Festival (1960-1971)

    SSIFF+PLUS: Zinemaldia70

    An umbracle is a place covered with branches or other materials: a dark space where plants grow protected from the sunlight. Umbracle, the same name as in Catalan, is also the title of a film made clandestinely by Pere Portabella in 1972.

    / 16:30 Location: Cine
    Organiser: Tabakalera
  • Saturday, 5 December 2020

    Querelle (Un pacto con el diablo) (Querelle – Ein Pakt mit dem Teufel, 1982)

    Location: Zinea
    Organiser: Donostia Kultura + Euskadiko Filmategia - Filmoteca Vasca
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