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Events - Tabakalera
Conferences and seminars
Friday, 5 March 2021 > Saturday, 6 March 2021

“The Great Conversation: Non dago Lekeitio?" sessions are the prelude to the Komunikazio-Inkomunikazio ...

Events - Tabakalera
Conferences and seminars
Wednesday, 17 March 2021

In this performative lecture, London-based artist Bernd Behr follows the trail of silver, from its pervasive presence in...

Events - Tabakalera
Thursday, 25 March 2021

A whole generation enjoyed the peculiarity of these attractions, which means that reviewing, remembering and paying tribute to...


Time for Tabakalera

Time for Tabakalera is a series of audiovisual works that bring together the testimonies of personalities who show us their particular point of view regarding the meaning of culture.

Musika dena eta eszena

We propose to set aside differences in trends, styles and/or formats and meet at Tabakalera to enjoy works by artists, musicians, choreographers and poets.


EMOTIONAL is a programme of public activities that will reflect on the crossroads between emotions, storytelling (audiovisual, political, corporate, etc.) and social relations.

To pay attention: the battle to enter our heads

 This year-long seminar aims to approach the problem of attention from different angles: childhood, motherhood, gender, philosophy, psychology, science, pedagogy, art and politics. 


Cibernética del pobre. Seminario internacional

Tabakalera propone un seminario internacional en el que poder seguir reflexionando en torno al ejercicio. Esta vez desde el prisma de las prácticas artísticas y la teoría crítica. En colaboración con la Academia de Bellas Artes de Viena el seminario además de ser una plataforma de reflexión y debate, sirve de encuentro entre los artistas que tomarán parte de la exposición que tendrá lugar en Tabakalera el 2020.

Lau noten opera

Since Tom Johnson created the “Four-notes opera” in 1972, it has been performed year by year throughout the world and in multiple languages. In Tabakalera it will be heard for the first time in Basque.

Thinking through the body in Antiquity: Greece, India and China

We propose exploring the reflective power of the body by studying the way this question was addressed in three major ancient civilizations (Greece, India, and China). Workshops will be held over the course of three days, led by a collection of six renowned specialists. 

Hugo Ball

“Kearen Politikak” ziklo beri honek Hugo Ball(1886-1927) artistarengana hurbildu nahi publikoa, lehen dadaistatzat hartzen den  Zúricheko Cabaret Voltaire entzutetsuaren sortzailea. Bere lanak galderak eta eztabaidak eragiten ditu oraindik ere artearen zein literatur teoriaren alorretan.


eremuak is a space set up to implement the context of artistic practices in the Basque Country

Master in Social Anthropology

Figures from anthropology –both well-known and emerging– will offer public lectures and conferences to bring together students, professionals and anyone interested in learning about other realities, reflecting on their own reality, and speculating on what is to come.

Past projects

Kearen politikak

Gonbidatu ezberdinen bitartez zenduriko autore ezberdinen hitzaldiak taularatu, ahoskatu eta komentatzeko saila.

City and other policies 2017-2018: Geographies and Forms of Power (III)

The public session of the programme City and Other Policies aims to share and conclude the reflection begun in October of 2017.

Ud-ha 2018

Summer breeze. There will be camping chairs, umbrellas, and also hammocks and beach wraps this year, because in addition to using the terrace we are also spreading out into the park.

Feministaldia 2018 - #Okerrak

Del 10 al 15 de diciembre Feministaldia se celebra en Tabakalera, festival organizado por Plazandreok, que tiene como objetivo crear un espacio de encuentro para voces, creaciones y discursos unidos al feminismo.