Explorers - Martxel Mariskal | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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A critical thought reading group

Explorers - Martxel Mariskal

Continuing with the sessions experienced and shared during 2016 called Outline. Critical thought in the age of entertainment and hyperactivity, the creation library Ubik proposes a new suite of conferences for 2017. There will be an unusual change of dynamic this time: the participants will have the starring role, and for that reason we have decided to call this experience Explorers.

The library itself will provide the content, offering it in different formats such as books, comics and audiovisual materials. The objective for these conferences is that they are open, inclusive and allow different voices to be heard, moving away from the usual scenario with only one study focus. The Explorers sessions will be participative in addition to the content provided, and everyone will have the opportunity each month to read, watch, listen to and analyse the material that we will later explain, discuss and share with the group.

It's a new structure that retains the same underlying goal: to delve deeper into current society; to reflect on the person and on their physical, emotional and virtual surroundings; to collectively analyse social movements; and to try to better understand our individual selves.

It's not compulsory to speak, only to listen. The more we listen to each other the more people will dare to speak up, which will undoubtedly increase the number of questions, reflections and proposals that will in turn enrich our experience.

Martxel Mariskal will lead the forum. His main role is to keep the sessions moving, make them easier to get through and as interesting as they are enjoyable.

This is the plan and reasoning behind the Explorers initiative. Once the initiative is up and running we will make every effort to consider proposals for improving the dynamic of our sessions. This is your invitation to take part. It’s up to you to investigate and to share. You have it in you to be an explorer. Come and join the expedition!


2019 sessions:

  • September 28th 
  • October 25th
  • November 30th
  • December 28th


Martxel Mariskal

His creative work has focused on literature and music.