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Focus: Isaki Lacuesta


"I thought that Isaki was really a secret writer hidden behind the figure of a film director for a long time. His first steps in the creative world came through texts, precise observation, the new journalism: Isaki wrote about films, about directors, about musicians and performances, about travelling, about books, about painting, about landscapes and Palmeras de la brisa rápida. And he wrote very well. I thought then that one day Isaki would reveal himself as the definitive novelist, as the author of a text that would immediately become a classic. What happened was that Isaki surprised us all with his films and a career in which his figure and talent expanded in multiple directions: nine feature films, two Golden Shells at San Sebastian International Film Festival, exhibitions at Pompidou, video works for the best art galleries, artworks for the architecture biennial, collaborations with contemporary dancers, performances, music videos, television and more texts in which he continued writing about Turner, Uruguayan strollers, Filipino boxers, oriental trips, snakes on the terrace of his house and Houdini’s apprentice wizards.

What if Isaki is working on a secret plan to hide again and again after his multiple doubles? Or poet é um fingidor ... My new theory about the heteronyms that accompany Isaki and his work is that Isaki is actually a flamenco cantaor. Yes, one of those classic cantaores who mix roots and make the caves tremble. I remember a concert that we shared at the CCCB in Barcelona in which Isaki photographed in black and white the gestures and songs of Manuel de los Santos Pastor "Agujetas" as if he were really learning an ancestral technique for sharpening knives.

Someday Isaki will surprise us all with a jondo record. Or he may have sung it already, there are his films La leyenda del tiempo and Entre dos aguas. Yes, it is possible that we have arrived in this labyrinthine way to the very center of his secret: his work and art have been configured as a game of mirrors (writer, filmmaker, cantaor, traveler, pivot, architect, magician, boxer, dancer, speaker, medium) that allows us to glimpse all his possible lives".

Estela des Neves




24/05 19:00 La leyenda del tiempo
25/05 19:00 Entre dos aguas
26/05 19:00 Lugares que no existen: Goggle Earth 1.0. Australia. ALPHA AND AGAIN + Marte en la tierra + Où en êtes-vous?

  • Date: Tuesday, 23 April 2019 > Thursday, 23 April 2020
Focus: Isaki Lacuesta: