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Focus: Lizzie Borden

Born in Flames, a film by Lizzie Borden

Born in flames (1983), Lizzie Borden

This is pure underground cinema, the presentation of a director who, once you have discovered her, becomes irreplaceable. Lizzie Borden’s name appears in books on North American independent films from the 1960s and 1980s associated with militant lesbian and queer cinema. Self-taught, irreverent, out on the fringe, visionary... Lizzie Borden’s filmmaking is full of stories of opposition, defying the logic of the established order and applying an approach to filmmaking understood as a means of political action. Her work functions as a mechanism that is able to provide a counterweight to the mainstream opinions seen on commercial screens.

To coincide with the restoration and reprinting (in 35mm) of the cult film Born in Flames (1983), the MACBA has organised a programme that revisits Lizzie Borden’s first filmmaking projects. Tabakalera joins this tribute/rediscovery and we will screen three of her most important films, those that ended up defining her work as a hybrid within the radical-lesbian-afrofuturistic-feminist-science fiction-cinéma vérité genre.




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