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Visit Tabakalera: 2deo and EQZE

Guided tour to the audiovisual laboratory and the film school

On this visit we will have the opportunity to get a close look at the spaces belonging to the 2deo laboratory and the Elías Querejeta Film School:

The first of this, 2deo, is a place for working on audiovisual projects that aims to increase experimentation in the entire field of production (creative processes, dissemination, formats, aesthetics and technology). This space is a benchmark laboratory that enhances the cultural prototype.

Meanwhile, the objective of the EQZE film school is not to train technical cadres following traditional and standardised training models, but to stimulate the emergence of film-makers with a comprehensive vision of cinema and who are capable of generating new cinematographic (working, conceptual, creative and professional) realities. It is a unique pedagogical project that includes three postgraduate programmes: Archiving, Curating and Creation.

Más actividades de Tabakalera's 5th anniversary:

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