Hirikikas: Build your own arcade-games machine (Raspberry Pi / MAME) - Karlos G. Liberal, Aitor Resano | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Hirikikas: Build your own arcade-games machine (Raspberry Pi / MAME)

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In the 80's decade the only possible way to play video-games was using arcade-games machines. Nowadays, almost every game from that past decade, could be played through emulators or little programs that duplicate the characteristics of those old machines.

After the success of last year's session, where we also built a machine, we have organized a workshop where you will have the opportunity to purchase the kit required (with a 150€ cost, more or less) and create one of them; so that you have the opportunity to spend many hours playing your favourite video-games.

We will construct a DIY arcade-games machine using a little computer based on free-hardware (Raspberry Pi), where we will be installing the program (MAME) that emulates the 8bit classic games from the video-games beginning. It is a both practical and theoretical workshop, where we are going to construct the wood-case of the machine; we will learn to connect the joysticks, screens and buttons, all together; and, finally, we are going to take the first steps in Raspberry Pi's world, by installing and configurating the MAME emulator and loading different games.

Once we have finished our little machine, we could add up many classic video-games; Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity to turn into an economical entertainment center, where everyone can enjoy classic video-games.