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Musika dena eta eszena - Arcade sKroll

Amsia and Tzesne

Those popular amusement arcades from another time and their flashy, futuristic machines were not only spaces for playing games, but also had the particular feature of being meeting places where people could socialise, interact and often compete passionately.

A whole generation enjoyed the peculiarity of these attractions, which means that reviewing, remembering and paying tribute to them is an obligation. "Arcade sKroll” borrows part of the legacy of this revolutionary universe and through the concert format invites us to an immersive experience, reviewing hundreds of video games and sound tracks from those colourful and scintillating days of muted technologies. The start button on arcade machines is just for starting the game.

On the same day we will open the exhibition "Bideo Jokoak: Play without end" in Tabakalera and it will be on until the 16th of May.

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