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Food Hack Lab

  • Year: 2017 > 2019

Food Hack Lab is a group driven by Andoni Munduate and Jon Aldalur that meets on Wednesdays with the idea of ​​developing projects that provide solutions in gastronomic, culinary or agricultural environments based on free tools.

Food. How do we eat? How do we produce food? How will we produce them in the future? How do we prepare these foods? What technique do we use? What equipment do we use? Is it accessible? Is the current system correct?

Hack_ Because they question how things work and are made, both now and in the future. They try to turn things on their head, modifying them to their liking. Liberating and sharing design and technology, to make it accessible to everyone. Because open innovation and resource decentralization is here and it's here to stay.

Lab_ An open community laboratory with the aim of concentrating resources and knowledge in order to encourage research and development. Everyone is welcome.