Open Groups - Urban Level Landings | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Urban Level Landings

Open Group on Functional Diversity and the City

  • Year: 2016

One of the features of our cities are their speed and mobility. Seventy percent of our trips are made within the city, of which 30% are by foot. When viewed from the perspective of functional diversity, the situation becomes all the more complicated. Moreover, the centre of Donostia/San Sebastian is level, but it is surrounded by districts on a gradient, hindering the possibilities of mobility. The purpose of this initiative is to consider mobility needs from the perspective of functional diversity in districts on a gradient, in which it is hoped to create level landings to cater to different forms of mobility.

The group will meet in Hirikilabs on the mornings of 1 to 5 August to develop this notion, with the idea of possibly extending it beyond these dates.

The project has been launched by DSS2016 and Koldo Telleria Andueza, based on the UrbanHero initiative.