Hirikikas - Power textil - Elisabeth Lorenzi | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Power textil

power textil, weaving and electronics

This workshop aims to explore all of the stages involved in the traditional techniques of working with wool: carding, spinning, felting, weaving, etc., in order to incorporate electronics and create textile electronic accessories (wearables) in a handcrafted way.

During the workshop we will mix textile and conductive materials, we will produce yarns and components, generate energy ... and build electronic/textile circuits in a simple way using the techniques of spinning, weaving and felting.



Our work is based on technological mediation in the emerging field of textile electronics, understanding this as an opportunity for contact between a traditionally feminine technology such as working with wool with a male-dominated technology such as electronics. We also position ourselves in the area of technological innovation by adopting an adapted technologies perspective – that is to say, a technology that is sustainable and does not create dependence – promoting new opportunities based on the use of virgin and/or recycled wool.

Power Textile is an initiative within the framework of Open Textiles, a project that promotes experimentation and collaborative and open work in textile design and production. 

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Elisabeth Lorenzi

Technical designer, social anthropologist and practitioner of social intervention techniques

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