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Tabakalera cultural ecosystem

Besides the cultural project, institutions and projects that contribute towards creating a cultural ecosystem coexist in the building: The San Sebastian Film Festival, the Etxepare Basque Institute, the Basque Film Archive, the Kutxa Foundation and Zineuskadi. Private initiatives that develop their own projects are also part of it. Thus, the building houses different uses, initiatives and agents, with the cultural project as the backbone.


The San Sebastian International Festival, founded in 1953, consists of the Official Section, New Directors, Horizontes Latinos, Zabaltegi, Perlas, Zinemira, Savage Cinema, Culinary Cinema and the International Film Students Meeting. There are also a classic, a thematic or a contemporary retrospective. In its endeavour to become a reference platform for the Latin American and European film worlds the Festivals Industry Department, The Industry Club, carries out several activities such as the Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum or Films in Progress.

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It is a public body, dependent on the Basque Government, that aims to spread the Basque language and culture worldwide. At the new headquarters in Tabakalera the Etxepare Basque Institute will continue working as the ambassador for the Basque culture, committed to promoting the Euskara and the Basque creation. With that goal in mind, it will continue fostering activities and programs for the promotion of all artistic disciplines -literature, theatre, dance, film, music, plastic and visual arts…- and working together with international organizations. The Institute has also created a net of Basque Language and Culture readerships and chairs in prestigious international universities, bringing the Basque studies abroad.

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In the new headquarters of Tabakalera, the Basque Film Archive will continue its research, recovery, archiving, preservation, restoration work and the screening of films and audiovisual work. Since 1978 it has dedicated its efforts to the study of cinema in general and Basque cinema in particular, and to collect and safeguard documents and film materials whose preservation is deemed appropriate from a cultural and / or historical point of view.

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The Kutxa Kultur space conforms to the spirit of a factory equipped with the necessary infrastructure to produce a cultural offering that reaches all Gipuzkoa. It is a meeting place from which to feed cultural coexistence. It offers the chance to make visible new cultural agents and emerging artists. And it is the location where the Kutxa's programs and exhibition proposals of the highest level will be deployed.

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Zineuskadi is a public platform for the promotion of cultural habits and promotion of the Basque audiovisual sector. Zineuskadi manages the following programs: Zinema Euskaraz, Management of Europa Creative Desk MEDIA Euskadi, cinemas assistance, in addition to assistance for advertising and film promotion.

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Created by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola is an international education centre for thinking, research, experimental practice and pedagogical innovation about cinema. EQZE is the school of the three ages of cinema, because the three institutions that worked together to set it up aim to study and work, precisely, on the past (Basque Film Archive), the present (San Sebastián Film Festival) and future of creative cinema (Tabakalera). EQZE pictures this educational project through three postgraduate programs: Film Conservation Studies, Film Curating Studies and Filmmaking Studies. Its ultimate purpose is not other than encouraging the emergence of filmmakers with a comprehensive vision of cinema who are able to produce new realities on film.

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Impact Hub Donostia

It is an innovation laboratory, business incubator and international community of entrepreneurs with more than 11.000 members in more than 80 cities. Its facilitates access to the necessary resources so that good ideas become reality: space, contacts, knowledge, events and shared opportunities among all Impact Hubs of the world.

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Basque Living

Space for the creation, exploration and exhibition of trends in the equipment, furniture and contract sector created by Habic and 20 associate companies.

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nana., design culture

Professional art and design services: consultancy and advisory service; carrying out events and exhibitions; communication and sales; curatorship and specialised critics; design project.

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Arteuparte Studio I Store I Gallery

The space of the Arteuparte universe. This space, as store and study format, revolves around the branding and design. It will also work as an art gallery, supporting the work of artists through exhibitions, lectures, small concerts...

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LÄNTOKI. Nikolas Iturralde

Photographic space dedicated to alternative initiatives. It fuses old photographic processes with contemporary technical resources. It offers shopping services, laboratory studies and workshops, among others.

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Tobacco Days Bookstore

Tobacco Days is a place where special books meet: Words, illustrations, music and photographs appear in the pages of these books. Fiction, essay and poetry are in the words of these pages. Sometimes we will host events with words, pages, books, music, illustrations, photographies and many more things.

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One Shot Tabakalera House Hotel

Tabakalera House is an unique and spontaneous hotel that supports art.

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