Eric Baudelaire. The Music of Ramón Raquello and his Orchestra - Talk on the film 'Also Known As Jihadi' - Ane Irazabal, Jaime Otamendi, Karlos Zurutuza | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Talk on the film 'Also Known As Jihadi'

 "Also Known AS Jihadi" (2017) Eric Baudelaire

"Also Known AS Jihadi" (2017) Eric Baudelaire

Freelance journalist Ane Irazabal, together with the journalist Karlos Zurutuza and Jaime Otamendi will talk on issues linked to Eric Baudelaire's film Also Known As Jihadi, based on their own professional experience as journalists in places in conflict.

Also Known As Jihadi (2017) is a 99 minute film that tracks the itinerary of Abdel Aziz Mekki (all names have been changed to protect identities), a young man from the outskirts of Paris, who flew to Egypt in 2012 without telling his family. Abdel Aziz eventually made his way to Syria, joined the ranks of the Al Nusra Front, a precursor of the Islamic State, and facilitated the crossing of the Syrian border for several of his hometown friends. The film is not the portrait of a man, for he remains (almost entirely) off camera. It is a fragmentary look at a trajectory, one that is also known as Jihadi.

Screening daily at the exhibition at:

10:15 With English subtitles (on weekends and bank holidays)
12:15 With Spanish subtitles
14:15 With Basque subtitles
16:15 With English subtitles
18:15 With Spanish subtitles


Ane Irazabal

Freelance journalist.

Jaime Otamendi

Journalist and director at Donostia Kultura.

Karlos Zurutuza

Freelance journalist

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