Ud-ha 2018 - Navaridas & Deutinger: Your majesties - Navaridas & Deutinger | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Navaridas & Deutinger: Your majesties

Navaridas & Deutinger: Your Majesties - Barack Obama

In Your Majesties, the performer Alex Deutinger faithfully recites the speech given by Barack Obama on the occasion of the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony. The choreographer Marta Navaridas guides his movements, turning the American president into a puppet which transports us to a different reality. It is a reality in which the body denies, transforms, underlines or distorts what the words say. 

Text and movement dissociate. The body language is invaded by a foreign physical repertoire in which each gesture-word combination acquires unexpected meanings. Evoking new and very diverse readings of the original text, Navaridas & Deutinger propose a surprising version of this chapter of our recent history. Your Majesties is a performance conference on war, love and hope that was awarded the BestOFFstyria prize and was selected for the European dance networks Aerowaves/Springforward and Swedish Dancenet.

Idea and performance: Alex Deutinger and Marta Navaridas
Text: Barack Obama 
Duration: 50 min 

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