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About Tabakalera

After 90 years as a tobacco factory, Tabakalera reopened its doors in 2015 as an International Centre for Contemporary Culture. Tabakalera’s aim is to foster and disseminate creation, which is the purpose behind its services and activities. Besides the cultural project, Tabakalera is also a cultural ecosystem of private initiatives and institutions, as well as a public venue for citizen enjoyment.

Being a creation library, it also has resources available for promoting creation, such as video and audio editing tools, a small recording room, a stage, areas that are specially equipped for viewing films and listening to music, and spaces dedicated to research.


These are the most visible part of the cultural project. They reflect the centre's editorial approach and position Tabakalera on the international network of contemporary art centres. As a creation centre, most of the exhibitions focus on new production.

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The Tabakalera cinemas focus on contemporary films, those that are not usually screened at conventional cinemas. They offer a variety of films from Wednesday to Sunday, meetings between producers and the public, residency programmes and projects such as EIECINE (International Film Students Meeting), among others.

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Public programmes

The public programmes are designed to promote study, reflection and debate on the modern world. They are usually designed as seminars, workshops, presentations, screenings or talks.

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The mediation area works to bring the cultural project and the building closer to citizens. It offers programmes related to creation and social relations, adapting to the subject and pace of each context.

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Hirikilabs. Digital culture and technology laboratory

This is a citizens’ laboratory working in the field of digital culture. It fosters the social, critical and collaborative use of technology, providing resources for technological literacy, a meeting place for the tech community, know-how and activities for the public in general. In collaboration with DSS2016EU.

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Artist's Space

This provides resources, services and programmes for the professionalization of artists and cultural players: work studios, technical resources, international residency programmes and a consultancy service, etc.

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Ubik. Tabakalera's creation library

Learn - create - enjoy: these are the three verbs that define Ubik. The creation library's main aim is the dissemination of contemporary culture. The spaces, services and programmes it offers also focus on converting users into content-creators.

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