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Tabakalera Archive

In the Tabakalera Archive we collect all the documentation produced around each of the activities and projects organised by Tabakalera. For those who wish to discover content relating to varying topics, we invite you to browse through the following selections from the archive.

MAKUSI gives you the opportunity to see, hear, and read Tabakalera. The cultural project's milestones, all programming since 2005, and collaborations with other agents are all here.

One of the goals of Makusi, Tabakalera Archives is to provide support, and be a platform to visualise other cultural projects relating to Tabakalera. One example of this is the EIECINE collection: International Film Students Meeting. You will have access to the work and opinions that these new filmmakers offer us since 2007.

Where possible, the documentation presented here has an open CC BY-SA license.

Tabakalera is this, and so much more. We encourage you to discover it and live the experience. We will accompany you.

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