To pay attention: the battle to enter our heads - Addressing life-support - Mari Luz Esteban, Marta Malo | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Addressing life-support

Mari Luz Esteban & Marta Malo

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Being is to exist in relation to others. The life of each one does not start and end in each one, but is necessarily intertwined in a relational frame. Historically, women have been in charge of sustaining that relational framework in which life consists, beginning with the material aspects of life (cleaning, feeding, bodies). That work has been throughout the invisible history, not valued. Currently, the feminist movement brings it to light and raises a radical debate about our social organization: the contrast between the logic of accumulation and benefit versus the logic of caring for that relational web (material and symbolic) that is the human life. What kind of attention does the support of life require? How could society be organized to put at the center what has been relegated and subordinated up to now?

The conference will be live streamed.

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Mari Luz Esteban

Antropóloga y militante feminista

Marta Malo

Historian, translator, teacher and researcher