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After 90 years of being a tobacco factory, Tabakalera reopened its doors in 2015 as a International Centre for Contemporary Culture. Public institutions and private initiatives carry out their projects in this architectural and cultural reference in the Basque Country, also an open space to be enjoyed by anyone.

Located beside the train and bus stations, just 5 minutes away from the city centre and from the sea, Tabakalera is a privileged location to celebrate private events: lectures and presentations, business meetings, cocktails, gala dinners, concerts, commercial shootings, prize awards, etc. 

In addition, and given the exceptional situation that we are currently experiencing, the large spaces of Tabakalera and its state-of-the-art technology favor both face-to-face and hybrid events. We adapt to personalize each event according to needs and always respecting security protocols.

If you are interested in renting any of the venues, please contact us filling out the form rent a space or at the following address:




capacity for banquet events Banquet: 220

capacity for cocktail events Cocktail: 450

capacity for theatre events Theatre: 400

capacity for classroom events Classroom: 220


Surface area: 620 m2

Height: 10 m

The space occupies the area where one of the four patios from the old tobacco factory used to be, and retains features from the original building. This 600 m2 airy and covered space offers total flexibility for hosting all types activities, including concerts, festivals and many others.


Cinema - Movie Theatre


capacity for theatre events Theatre: 229

capacity for classroom events Classroom: 229


Surface area: 327 m2

Height: 5 m


This has a 20000 lumen projector, a 9.47 x 4.03 m screen and translation booths.

Fitted out with a 42 m2 screen and 20,000 lumen projector. Screenings can be coordinated with talks, presentations and/or conferences.


Z Hall


capacity for banquet events Banquet: 80

capacity for cocktail events Cocktail: 120

capacity for theatre events Theatre: 120

capacity for classroom events Classroom: 80


Surface area: 184 m2

Height: 5,5 m


It has a 20000 lumen projector and translation booths. It also has the option of 16 mm analogue film projection

A multi-purpose and full equipped space fit for hosting a range of different activities such as talks, presentations, meetings, press conferences and others. Facilities for screening films. Natural light. Room Z sits next to the Loft space, and the two rooms can be joined and set up for hosting coffee and/or drinks in tandem with the event. 




  Space Rental - K Hall (Pdf)

K Hall


capacity for cocktail events Cocktail: 20

capacity for theatre events Theatre: 20

capacity for classroom events Classroom: 20


Surface area: 57 m2

Height: 4 m


It has an of 84¨ monitor - stereo audio and an HD camera.


Ideal for business meetings, press conferences and project presentations.




capacity for cocktail events Cocktail: 250

capacity for theatre events Theatre: 221




Surface area:  330 m2


An intimate space also offering the wonderful feeling of being outside. Fit for hosting a range of events (small concerts, drinks receptions, parties...) in an exceptional venue with a peaceful atmosphere.


Prism + Terrace


capacity for banquet events Banquet: 180

capacity for cocktail events Cocktail: 350

capacity for theatre events Theatre: 200

capacity for classroom events Classroom: 150



Surface area: 309 & 139 m2

Height: 10 m


These exceptional spaces crown the building and offer unique views of the city of San Sebastián. With one being an outdoor space and the other covered, the Prism and Terrace combine perfectly for hosting drinks receptions, celebrations, promotional shoots and many others.




capacity for banquet events Banquet: 180

capacity for cocktail events Cocktail: 430

capacity for theatre events Theatre: 200



Surface area: 492 m2

Height: 23-27 m


Located at one of the two entrances to the building, with access from plaza Néstor Basterretxea. This large and airy space is roofed with a glass dome which lights up the room and plays with the falling light, making it an ideal venue for evening events