#AGORA / CEMENT / CODE, a new online art project for Tabakalera curated by Lekutan | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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04-12-2020 10:15

#AGORA / CEMENT / CODE, a new online art project for Tabakalera curated by Lekutan

The proposal will be carried out within the framework of Komisario Berriak 2020 from 3 December 2020 to 22 February 2021.

#ÁGORA / CEMENTO / CÓDIGO was the proposal selected by Tabakalera for the development of a curating project in digital format within the framework of the Komisario Berriak 2020 call for proposals. 

This proposal for collective creation is presented as a publication that includes a number of chapters corresponding to each of the works created by the artists for a digital environment. 

The LEKUTAN Cultural Association, formed by Andrea Estankona Loroño and Juan Pablo Ordúñez/MawatreS, has been responsible for curating the project that will be developed between today and 22 February 2021.

The project aims to activate a digital space as a structure for experimentation, research and production for contemporary aesthetic practices, on the understanding that a publication today cannot be limited to the printed word and has to adapt to the specific dynamics of communication and mediation of our connected sociability. 

In this way, Lekutan proposes “to investigate, based on form and content, that gap that arises between the ways of creating public art (from cement to the agora) and the other strategies of the agora and the digital code. A forward and backward arrow between 01 and the plaza, art and life.”  Lekutan, therefore, does not task each artist participating in the publication with the creation of an exhibition piece but with a chapter of a book that addresses themes such as work, pop culture, fashion, ecologies, the urban space and the complexity of the domestic setting, and that mixes archive images, documents, texts, interventions, videos, meme languages, GIFs and even Instagram stories. 

The Tabakalera website, its online programming platform (online.tabakalera.eus) and also the centre’s social networks will all be among the intervention spaces for the execution of this project.


Seven chapters, eight authors

During the three months over which the artists will work on the proposal, each of them will intervene with a work in digital format, and this will make up each of the chapters of the publication #ÁGORA/CEMENTO/CÓDIGO. These chapters will have “footnotes” that will be published on the Social Networks Instagram and Twitter, in this way articulating the different parts of this book or expanded publication. 

This is the list of participating artists:

Ingrid Guardiola & Miguel Ángel Blanca

Christian Flores 


Anaïs Berck

Igor Rezola 

María Benito 

Daniel Muñoz

Komisario Berriak (New Curators)

Komisario Berriak (KBK) 2020 is a project that arose within the framework of Donostia 2016, European Capital of Culture, which involves the collaboration of the International Centre for Contemporary Culture, Tabakalera, the Basque Centre-Museum of Contemporary Art, Artium (Vitoria-Gasteiz), and Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao) and which is funded by the Department of Culture and Language Policy of the Basque Government.

One of the objectives of Komisario Berriak since the first edition has been to develop the practice of curating and promote the generation and consolidation of new professionals. In the 2018 edition, for example, curators were supported by making visible projects that addressed artistic practices linked to the Basque Country in recent decades.

In 2020, there was a call for proposals with three scholarships, one for each of the collaborating centres and corresponding to three specific lines of curating work linked to the activity of each of the centres. In this context, Tabakalera made a commitment to promote a curating project applied to the digital environment, a proposal to which the selected project #ÁGORA/CEMENTO/CÓDIGO provided a very appropriate response.