The Wall - Ana Vaz: A Idade da Pedra - Ana Vaz | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Ana Vaz: A Idade da Pedra

A Idade da Pedra, Ana Vaz

A Idade da Pedra is a journey to the past and to the future. And in the same time, we are in front of a reinterpretation of the landscape and history.

The artist Ana Vaz rethinks the birth of the city of Brasilia showing the Brazilian central plateau, a huge and arid territory known as sertão. We observe its geological foundations, the light of the sunrise, the shadows and color specters on the stone. We also observe an unexpected apparition. Something inexplicable and definitive.

The artist makes use of the history to imagine it in another way and enlighten a story of exploration, prophecy and myth. The territory is scanned with the camera: its spaces, presences, living beings. In that moment is when the architecture becomes present in the landscape, when the time disappears, when the History is rewritten in the screen. As spectators, we don’t know if everything is happening from the distant future or from the primitive past.

A Idade da Pedra is a hypothesis. An artefact that puts the ideals and believes of the Modernism in doubt.


Ana Vaz

Artist and filmmaker.