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Nowadays at Tabakalera

Nowadays at Tabakalera

  • Lisa Tan. Tabakalera

    Lisa Tan (Proyect)

    Lisa Tan

    During the residency she will work with a particular set of moving images to question contemporary society’s relationship to violence.

  • Estanis Comella. Tabakalera

    Open Source X Data

    Estanis Comella

    Open Source X Data obrak aurretiaz egindako lan batean du oinarria eta testu-mekanismoen eta diseinua edo soinu-konposizioa bezalako gailuen bidez osatzen joan da.

  • Nahiak

    La traka produkzioak

    Nahiak is an audiovisual project created to be distributed online through digital platforms. It is a fiction web series scripted and structured in 6 chapters of approximately 15 minutes and with a tight budget.

Archivo de Artistas Residentes

Archivo de Artistas Residentes

  • Javier Rodríguez Pérez-Curiel (Proyect)

    Javier Rodríguez Pérez-Curiel

    ‘Paradoxically, while you fall it’s likely that you feel like you’re floating, or even like you're not moving at all.

  • agnes pe tomas

    Ardii Latx

    Agnès Pe. Tomàs

    Starting with the transformation of sound recordings through synthesis, Ardii Latx explores sound as a malleable material. He is sensitive to creative experimentation and, therefore, to the need for this to be considered as an artistic tool.

  • Laura Maioz and Manu Muniategiandikoetxea (proyect)

    Laura Maioz, Manu Muniategiandikoetxea

    Two characters, two ways of working, collaborating on shared themes and interests in an open process. The project is a curious exploration to understand the function, internal and external life, community, users, programme, connections, etc. of a building (Tabakalera). What is inside the box?

  • Milena Rossignoli and Mikel Escobales (proyect)

    Milena Rossignoli, Mikel Escobales

    How can a coincidence be represented? If coincidence, etymologically speaking, means ending up at the same point, then the precise place where this takes place is crucial.  Folding sheets is always much easier with two people. The folds are recorded in the fabric.

  • Ane Azkona. Tabakalera

    Ane Azkona (proyect)

    Ane Azkona

     This project reflects on the resignification of bodily symbols and on the tensions, paradoxes and connections that arise in context.

  • Dan Feit. Tabakalera

    Dan Feit (proiektua)

    Dan Feit

    With resources limited – both material and visual – throughout lockdown, Dan has been working on small Basque landscapes and cityscapes from photographs taken previously, using and reusing the materials he had available.

  • Jon Cazenave


    Jon Cazenave

    Conceptualisation and exhibition of the Galerna project (for the November 2020 exhibition in the Kutxa Artegunea room in Tabakalera). The Galerna photography project takes an intimate look at the Basque people over a ten-year period (2007-2017).

  • Laida Lertxundi

    Espacios de libertad

    Laida Lertxundi

    Espacios de Libertad artista-filma da, 30 eta 60 minutu artekoa eta zinema-formatuan grabatua, zeinak irudi- eta soinu-esperimentu batzuk esploratzen dituen. Esperimentu horiek ez-aktoreekin filmatu ziren Bizkaia eta Gipuzkoako mendietan.

    Laida Lertxundi. Tabakalera
  • Ane Zaldibar

    Una forma de ira

    Ane Zaldibar Ibañez

    This is the conclusion of one of the aphorisms that accompany the drawings that I have been making and accumulating innocently in notebooks for years. It is the intention of working with the power of something whose only aim was to be or to happen. It is to review and activate the archive.

  • Lucía Salas. Tabakalera

    Pensando en el infierno

    Lucía Salas

    Pensando en el Infierno is her first individual publication project. It is an expanded review book that focuses on films made in and about the city of Los Angeles by migrant students at the CalArts School during the last ten years.

    "Sweet Oranges". Nora Sweeney
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