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Friday, 5 February 2021 > Wednesday, 10 March 2021

2deo SERIEAK is a programme from 2deo – Tabakalera's audiovisual laboratory – for teaching, mentoring and supporting projects...

What is 2deo?


2deo is the Basque language audiovisual lab located in Tabakalera, San Sebastian. It works with audiovisual projects: it analyses their contents, features and needs, offers professional support and makes the technology available to users.

2deo works on experimentation in all fields linked to audiovisual production: creative process, dissemination, formats, aesthetics and technology. To this end, it also offers training and information for professionals in the sector.  

If you want to develop your project at 2deo, fill in the registration form.

2deo's main challenges are to:

  • Increase the production and consumption of audiovisual content in Basque.
  • Promote new creative contexts.
  • Experiment with production models and formats.
  • Multiply dissemination channels.
  • Activate the participation of stakeholders from the sector and citizens.

2deo is mainly a laboratory intended for professionals who work in the audiovisual sector, a resource for professionals eager to experiment and advance in innovation.  The laboratory offers advice and information, facilitators ready to collaborate with whoever wants to experiment, and makes available the most cutting-edge resources. 2deo has been created with the sector and for the sector, with the aim of being a tool that can influence the industry.



Special Sessions on VFX

The aim of the sessions is to introduce and explain the functioning of the world of visual effects to the attendees.


La digitalización audiovisual y los lenguajes no hegemónicos

En la era de la digitalización, 2deo es un espacio para reflexionar sobre las oportunidades que ofrecen las plataformas actuales y los nuevos formatos audiovisuales

La gestión de la propiedad intelectual en las producciones audiovisuales

A través de los talleres ofrecidos por Ainara LeGardon en 2deo, se podrán conocer los procesos de gestión de los derechos de la propiedad intelectual en las producciones audiovisuales. 


2deo serieak

2deo SERIEAK is a programme from 2deo – Tabakalera's audiovisual laboratory – for teaching, mentoring and supporting projects by creators of series (producers and screenwriters). It offers individual mentoring and guidance and is run in collaboration with the San Sebastian International Film Festival (SSIFF).

Zinemaldia & Technology announces a competition for business projects, now in its second edition

The Basque Government promotes the Zinemaldia Startup Challenge, whose call for submissions opens today, aimed at entrepreneurs and recently created companies from Europe who are developing a project involving new technologies for the audiovisual field. 


Practical info

Información práctica 2deo

2DEO opening hours:

Monda to Thursday: 09:00 - 15:30
Friday: 09:00 - 14:00
15 june - 15 september: 09:00 - 14:00
Tabakalera 1st floor


+34 943 011 311 (ext 3047)