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Tabakalera will both maintain and strengthen its digital content after reopening

01-06-2020 16:22

Tabakalera will both maintain and strengthen its digital content after reopening


Although the exceptional circumstances we have experienced forced us to close the centre and work from home, Tabakalera has not interrupted its provision of cultural content and activities. In this difficult situation, we have focused with more conviction than ever on the public nature of Tabakalera and the vital importance of culture, and we have tried to offer the most extensive and varied cultural events and activities to enjoy from home. 

Through the hashtag #TabakaleraEtxean, we disseminated new streaming content via the web and social networks as well as content that is part of the Tabakalera archive. We started this initiative on 18 March with a variety of proposals: the presentation of the #TabakaleraEtxean project by the general director of Tabakalera, Edurne Ormazabal; the first session of the Talking films programme, led by the members of the Moriarti production company, Aitor Arregi, Jose Mari Goenaga and Jon Garaño, who revealed the secrets of their highly acclaimed film The Endless Trench (La trinchera infinita); and the conference given in 2deo by Karen Saurí, from the production company Canada, producer of striking music videos for singers such as Rosalia, Tame Impala, Phoenix, Scissor Sisters and Dua Lipa. We also continued with the new content and with Hyperconectadxs we premiered the first Tabakalera online exhibition made up of digital contemporary art creations and other works produced exclusively for Tabakalera by artists such as Jone San Martin and Jon Otamendi.  

From now on we will continue proposing conferences, round table discussions, workshops, concerts, tutorials and documentary features in order for us to continue reflecting on and enjoying contemporary culture, art, cinema, creation and experimentation, from wherever we are. 

It is a hybrid programme that will combine content presented online and in person in the Tabakalera building itself; an online programme that came with the lockdown and is here to stay.

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