- [Bodies] Against oppressive spaces. Short film programme - | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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[Bodies] Against oppressive spaces. Short film programme

Solitary acts #4, Nazli Dinçel

The defining qualities of a space are its physical dimensions, rules, tools, functions and associations. Space enables and requires specific behaviour and activities. Investigating in a social context helps to understand the relation between particular social groups and the spaces attributed to them. The films of this programme acknowledge and disobey the compelling association between women and the spaces imposed on them. Introducing playfulness in the spaces of expectation, the selected works offer an energetic defiance of such imposition. This way, the devices of domestic labour become instruments of a bizarre orchestra, the kitchen is rendered as a stage for unrestrained rage, the environment of consumption turns into an ugly and nightmarish pageant.

Semiotics of the kitchen (Martha Rosler) 1975, 6’ EN
Intermittent Delight (Akosua Adoma Owusu) 2007, 5’ EN
Possibly in Michigan (Cecelia Condit) 1983, 12’ EN
Solitary Acts #4 (Nazli Dinçel) 2015, 8’ EN

These sessions fall within the Zin Ex. Body and Architecture exhibition’s programme of activities. 


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