T Game - California Dreamin - Zach Blas, Ana Teixeira Pinto | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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California Dreamin

Zach Blas and Ana Teixeira Pinto in conversation

Zach Blas - The Doors, 2019 (Video still) Courtesy of the Artist

In this wide-ranging conversation, artist Zach Blas and curator/writer Ana Teixeira Pinto will discuss surveillance, gamification, and the enduring Californian Ideology in relation to Blas's expansive art practice.

Blas's artwork Facial Weaponization Suite, a set of anti-biometric masks featured in the current exhibition Bideo-jokoak: Play Without End, will be considered as an expression of informatic opacity, while his ongoing Silicon Traces trilogy--a series of moving image installations that contends with the beliefs, fantasies, and histories influential to Silicon Valley’s visions of the future--will be approached as a contra-internet aesthetics. 


Zach Blas


Ana Teixeira Pinto

Writer and cultural theorist