Ubik, Tabakalera's Creation Library | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Practical info

Opening hours and contact

*Please note: From June 1 Ubik will open under special conditions and gradually. 


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Ubik opening hours:

Tuesday to saturday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sundays and bank holidays (except Mondays): 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Closed on Mondays (including bank holidays)





+34 943 475 050



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Tabakalera Card



Due to the declared state of alarm to manage the health crisis caused by Covid-19, from June 1st and temporarily, no new Tabakalera cards will be made. Sorry for the inconvenience

Getting a Tabakalera card is simple, fast and easy. And, most importantly, it offers you advantages for various services of the cultural project. In addition, it is the key that allows you to access all services of the Ubik creation library.

To get a card, follow these simple steps:


  1. Register on the Tabakalera website.

  2. Come to the ​​Ubik reception area. Do not forget to bring your ID card, passport or residency card. There, we will verify that the details are correct, take a photo which will identify you on the card and print it. Remember that if you are under 18, you will need a parental or guardian consent.*

  3. That's all! Now you can start using it.


First step > Register



What can you do with a card?

  • Borrow content and documents from Ubik (books, magazines...) for use during a period of one month.*

  • Use Ubik spaces: Greenhouses, the Ubik deck, the experimental cinema viewing room, video game stations, three technology corner stations and editing stations.

  • Borrow audiovisual resources from Ubik (camcorders, cameras, sound recorders, laptops ...) to use over a period of up to 5 days.**

  • Use musical instruments in the sound corner: drums, a trumpet, a trombone, a bass and a guitar, to play them in the library.

  • In addition, although you do not yet have your card, you can reserve spaces, content resources and instruments just by registering on the website.



* Check specific loan periods by following this link: Borrowing.

** The period varies depending on the device. 



Map of Ubik

Plano Ubik biblioteca de creación Tabakalera San Sebastián

Download the map of the library.








1. Thought
     11. Theories and Histories Of Art

          111. Theories Of Art
          112. Histories Of Art
          113. Curating
     12. Aesthetics
     13. Pedagogies 
          131. Arts Educations
     14. Societies 
          141. Information Society
          142. Feminisms




2. Audiovisual Arts
     21. Photography 
     22. Video
     23. Cinema
     24. Sound and music


Performing Arts

3. Performing Arts
     31. Theatre
     32. Body
     33. Dance
     34. Performance




4. Plastic Arts
     41. Painting and Drawing
     42. Sculpture
     43. Design and Graphic Arts
     44. Self-publishing
     45. Handicraft 
     46. Fashion 




5. Digital Culture
     51. Technology 
          511. Hardware
          512. Software
          513. Knowledge 
     52. Art and Technology
     53. Ways Of Creating
     54. Ways Of Spreading
     55. Videogames 
          551. Psychosocial Aspects
     552. Development 



6. Spaces
     61. Architecture 
     62. Urbanism
     63. Geographies 




7. Cultural infrastructures
     71. Art and Creation Centers
     72. Museums 
     73. Art and market
     74. Cultural Industries and Policies