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Biblioteca de creación: proyectos desc

We are involved in various projects that are furthering and developing the Creation Library’s lines of work. They are all linked to Ubik’s lines of work or themes, such as video games, desktop publishing or sound. Others, by contrast, are developing the library’s philosophy or identity.

  • Ubik-baita


    2016 > 2018
    Ubik-baita is the cross-cutting project that covers all aspects and specific programmes that on a day-to-day basis help make Ubik an inclusive library, a library by and for all citizens.

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  • Atlas self-publishing


    2015 > 2018
    This project is based on self-publishing. Atlas sets out to reflect on desktop publishing, expand knowledge about it and share it. In addition to the platform consisting of the mapping of creators who are involved in self-publishing in the Basque Country, this initiative includes open meetings organised for all citizens on the last Wednesday of every month.

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  • Load - Basque Video Games History

    LOAD"": History of Basque Video Games (1985-2009)

    2014 > 2016
    Based on different milestones in the history of video games in the Basque country, with this project we seek to produce a publication with several professionals that provide the keys to their development.

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  • minimap basque video games


    2011 > 2016
    Minimap is a map of videogames created in the Basque Country. It shows all types of videogames, well-known ones, commercial ones, independent ones, artistic ones, etc. It is possible not only to consult information about the videogames, but also to play in Minimap in the cases in which the author has facilitated this.

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