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Egongela Liburutegia

Apart from the specialisation of the content in the creation library, one of the distinguishing features of Ubik lies in the services that it offers to citizens to foster learning, creativity and enjoyment. 

Ubik is a library in which you can create content and both the content and the material resources are directed to this end, as are the majority of the people who work there. 

At Ubik, you can not only borrow books, videos or video games, but also video and audio tools (cameras, recorders...), reserve spaces like the audiovisual deck, instruments from the sound corner, the experimental cinema viewing room, specialist help from education staff...

Some services are aimed at the pursuit and dissemination of content that is on the shelves or on the servers (or on the network). Others promote learning and reflection. There are also those that push us to creation or doing nothing more than having a good time. They all have their user audience, we are all users of them.