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Cinema and Audiovisual

Events - Tabakalera
Friday, 4 December 2020

An umbracle is a place covered with branches or other materials: a dark space where plants grow protected from the sunlight....

Events - Other institutions
Saturday, 5 December 2020


Focus: Fassbinder

This cycle is an exciting journey to Fassbinder's work through 58 sessions, in which 35 feature films and the two short films directed by the German filmmaker will be screened.

Foco: Éric Rohmer

Retrospectiva completa de Éric Rohmer, cineasta del clasicismo y de la modernidad.

Focus: Pascale Ogier

Focus: Pascale Ogier

One hundred years have passed since the birth of Éric Rohmer (1920-2010, Paris). 36 years have passed since the death of actress Pascale Ogier (1958-1984, Paris). We start with Rohmer and propose another journey. This is an exercise of that other story.







Focus: Kinuyo Tanaka

Kinuyo Tanaka, the legendary film star and director, one of the biggest stars in Japanese filmmaking.








The Future

THE FUTURE is a podcast of dialogues with directors in the process of making their next film. 


Noka Mentoring is a Basque Government programme to supervise, guide and support feature film projects from emerging female directors in the Basque Country and Navarre.

Cinema and technology

The experimental film and technology lab aims to cast a critical eye on the use of technology (both analogue and digital) applied to image and sound in movement, reflecting and offering creative uses for these materials.


The San Sebastian Festival has created, together with the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola (EQZE) research department, the project Zinemaldi 70: all possible stories (Z70) with a view to generating a living Festival archive.

Zinema (h)abian 2019-2020

Tabakalera y Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola han sumado fuerzas y, con el apoyo de A Bao A Qu, han puesto en marcha Zinema (h)abian. Ambas instituciones comparten el modelo que propone trabajar el cine y la práctica cinematográfica en las escuelas y han tomado el compromiso de impulsar el proyecto en nuestro territorio.
Cine flúor
  There is an unclassifiable category of cinema for which you have to invent new definitions. Fluoride cinema is a state of mind and spirit: cinema that mixes genres and plays with humour and the idea of metacinema, with films that are very aware both of...
Sehnsucht, Valeska Grisenbach
We celebrate with this double series a double discovery. On the on hand, the frontwoman (yes, we talk about her as a rock band) of the French cinema, Valérie Massadian. On the other hand, one of the key names of the new German cinema movement, known as...
Spell Reel, Filipa Cesar - Zabaltegi Tabakalera PLUS
Zabaltegi-Tabakalera is the most open competitive section of the San Sebastian Film Festival. Here there are no norms or time and style limitations: shorts, medium features, full-length films, fiction, documentary, animation, series, installations,...
let's roll
"There is something magical and liberating about the idea of ​​“the wealth of potentiality” inherent to movement. In movement nothing is concrete, everything mutates and seems to be in the air; the materialization of reality only comes about when we come...

Practical information

Practical Information

Cinema - Hall 1

Location: 1st floor
50% Capacity: 114
DCP format: 35mm
Accessibility: 6 adapted seats
Magnetic loop

Cinema - Hall 2

Location: 2nd floor
50% Capacity: 22
DCP format: 35mm
Accessibility: 2 adapted seats

Cinema - Hall Z

Location: 1st floor
50% Capacity: 60
DCP format: 16mm

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Ticket Sales

The ticket office opens 30 minutes prior to the session. Advance tickets available through Info Point



70€ / 30 films. With your Tabakalera card.

Pass conditions here.


General admission 3,5€. Family film sessions: 3,5€ for adults, children free (up to 12 years old, with a maximum of 4 children per adult ticket).

10% discount with Donostia Kultura, Tabakalera or EHU-UPV cards, retired and unemployed people.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the cinema will have special conditions:

  • The cinema will have a capacity of 50%, there will be 114 seats available.
  • There will be numbered seats and assistance of room ushers.
  • The doors of the hall will open 30 minutes before the session begins.
  • Tickets purchased before the lockdown will be valid.