Hirikikas - Do You Speak Human? - Relax, we are The Good Guys | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Do You Speak Human?

Do you Speak Human?

One day soon, you will talk to your devices the way you talk to your friends. And your devices will talk back.

This moment, a select group of Silicon Valley based tech corporations are defining the tools we are using the and conversations we’re having tomorrow all based on attention economy.

We, the many people, have no choice but to rely on these corporations to incorporate our beliefs and values into the AI that makes these conversations possible.

The workshop is organised in collaboration with SPACE10 and elaborates on the exploration of how conversational interfaces and artificial intelligence can foster meaningful interactions with the many people.


Programme of 'Do you speak human?'


  • Intro to Democratising Tools - TALK by RWATGG