Eduardo Crespo, Mina Fitzpatrick, Manuel Muñoz Rivas, Madgalena Orellana and Marina Palacio will carry out their new film projects in the residencies of Ikusmira Berriak | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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02-12-2020 11:00

Eduardo Crespo, Mina Fitzpatrick, Manuel Muñoz Rivas, Madgalena Orellana and Marina Palacio will carry out their new film projects in the residencies of Ikusmira Berriak

More than 400 projects, 220% more than last year, have been registered for the seventh edition of the programme.

The film projects of Eduardo Crespo, Mina Fitzpatrick, Manuel Muñoz Rivas, Madgalena Orellana and Marina Palacio have been chosen from among the 409 projects registered for the seventh edition of Ikusmira Berriak, 220% more than last year (185). Ikusmira Berriak is the residency and audiovisual project development programme organised by the San Sebastian Film Festival, the Tabakalera International Centre for Contemporary Culture and the Elías Querejeta ZineEskola (EQZE) film school.

BAC: Y así seguirán las cosas (And so things will go on), Marina Palacio. 

NEST: Wandervogel by Mina Fitzpatrick.    

EQZE: Hasta que el lugar se haga improbable (Until the place becomes improbable) by Magdalena Orellana.

NATIONAL: Manantial (Spring), Manuel Muñoz Rivas.

INTERNATIONAL: La gruta del viento (The wind cave), Eduardo Crespo.

The director, screenwriter and director of photography Eduardo Crespo (Crespo, Argentina, 1983), who has been selected in the international category, competed in the Official Section of the last edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival with the film Nosotros nunca moriremos. Marina Palacio (San Sebastian, 1996), a student from the first promotion of EQZE, chosen in the category of creators from the Basque Autonomous Community (BAC), was also part of the programme of the 68th edition of the Festival, in her case in the Zabaltegi-Tabakalera section, with the short film Ya no duermo. Magdalena Orellana (Buenos Aires, 1990) will be the representative of the second promotion of EQZE, after presenting her work in spaces such as The Film-Makers’ Cooperative, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Cineteca, MediaLab Prado, BilbaoArte, CCCB and the Sala de Arte Joven of the Community of Madrid. In the national category, the selection committee has selected Manuel Muñoz Rivas (Seville, 1978), who in 2017 premiered his first feature film, El mar nos mira de lejos, at the Berlinale. In the Nest category is Mina Fitzpatrick (United States, 1989), who participated in 2017 in the international meeting of film students in San Sebastian with a short film with the same title as the project that she will work on in Ikusmira Berriak, which will involve turning it into a feature film.

The selection committee made up of representatives from the Tabakalera International Centre for Contemporary Culture, the San Sebastian Film Festival and EQZE has chosen projects on topics as varied as the backgrounds of their film-makers: a reunion between a father and a daughter in the caves of Tuscany in Italy (La gruta del viento); a fantasy in the form of an expedition to investigate the mysteries of the North Pole (Hasta que el lugar se haga improbable); the portrait of a young man accused of parricide who attempts to find his place amid the violence and strangeness of the Texas desert (Wandervogel); the last trip of an elderly married couple to the source of the Guadalquivir river in the Sierra de Cazorla (Manantial); and the passage from adolescence to childhood – time moving backwards – of a group of friends from a town in Palencia (Y así seguirán las cosas)


The residency period will be eight weeks. If the state of the pandemic makes this possible and it is allowed by the health authorities, the five film-makers will arrive in Tabakalera on 15 March, where they will have until 25 April to work on their projects. In September, coinciding with the celebration of the Festival, they will return to San Sebastian to complete the last two weeks of the residency, with the project at a more advanced stage, in order to share it with the film industry. During this phase they will be prepared for the pitching session, with a view to holding meetings with professionals from the industry present at the Festival. Each project will have a development grant of 5,000 euros that will be handed over in June, so that they can continue working on their project between the two stays of the residency. In addition, the production company Irusoin will present the ‘Irusoin Award for Post-Production’ to one of the selected projects. The award consists of carrying out the post-production of sound, colour and graphic works and obtaining a DCP master.      

Good prospects

Despite the difficulties they have faced due to Covid-19, the five projects selected in the 2020 edition of Ikusmira Berriak have good prospects. La misteriosa mirada del flamenco by Diego Céspedes and produced by Giancarlo Nasi (Quijote Films) won the TorinoFilmLab TFL Production Award (funded by Creative Europe Media), worth 50,000 euros. Anoche conquisté Tebas by Gabriel Azorín (member of the first promotion of EQZE) and produced by Carlos Prado (Dvein Films) won the RTP Award at the Seville Festival Co-productions Forum (10,000 euros). Monólogo Colectivo by Jessica Sarah Rinland has been supported by the Rotterdam Festival Hubert Bals Fund (HBF). O corno do centeo, by Jaione Camborda (Esnatu Zinema), has obtained a co-production agreement with Andrea Vázquez of Miramemira (O que arde) and a grant of 249,000 euros from AGADIC (aid from the Regional Government of Galicia). Finally, Creatura, by Elena Martín Gimeno (Vilaüt Films S.L.), will be a co-production by Lastor Media and Avalon.

From the 2018 and 2019 editions: 918 gau, by Arantza Santesteban (Txintxua Films/Hiruki Filmak) participated in the San Sebastian Film Festival’s WIP Europa and All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt, by Raven Jackson, in the Tribeca Film Institute Network and Film Independent Producing Lab.   

Different sections of the last edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival have also hosted works produced in the Ikusmira Berriak residencies. These include Chupacabra, by Grigory Kolomytsev (New Directors), Stephanie, by Leonardo Van Dijl (Zabaltegi-Tabakalera), and Jo ta ke, by Aitziber Olaskoaga (Zinemira). In addition, several projects that have participated in Ikusmira Berriak in recent years are scheduled to premiere in 2021: Pornomelancolía, by Manuel Abramovich, and Eles transportan a morte, by Helena Girón and Samuel M. Delgado.

The Ikusmira Berriak programme is part of the legacy of San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture.