Landa Lan. A Documentation of Darcy Lange - Finissage. "Landa Lan. A Documentation of Darcy Lange" - Tractora | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Finissage. "Landa Lan. A Documentation of Darcy Lange"

landa lan a documentation of darcy lange

View of the exhibition "Landa Lan. A Documentation of Darcy Lange"


To round off the exhibition Landa lan: A Documentation of Darcy Lange, co-produced along with Tractora Koop. E. and which ends next 10 March, a weekend is planned with several activities proposed as a finissage.

On Saturday 9 March, our guest will be Catalan filmmaker Ferrán Llagostera (Sant Joan de las Abadessas, Girona, 1947), and we will screen his documentary Industria y tradición del valle del Urola (Industry and Tradition in the Urola Valley) from 1973. Between the late 1960s and the early 70s, Llagostera filmed many documentaries about the Basque Country’s most important companies and this will be the topic dealt with afterwards during the conversation between Llagostera and the members of Tractora, E Koop. Llagostera’s documentary O mar dos peixes is part of the exhibition Landa lan: A Documentation of Darcy Lange.

On Sunday 10 March, at midday, a chamber ensemble directed by musician and composer Stéphane Garin will perform the score Narayara's Cow (1989) by musician and artist Tom Johnson (Colorado, USA, 1939) also present at the exhibition. The performance of the piece will include the collaboration of a variety of local musicians who will be joined by Ainara Elgoibar. In addition to Narayara's Cow the audience will have the chance to listen to other pieces by Tom Johnson during the same session.


  • Saturday 9 March

6pm. Cinema 2

Screening and conversation: Industria y tradición del valle del Urola, Ferrán Llagostera, 1973.  

Guest speakers: Ferrán Llagostera and Tractora Koop. E.

Free entry with limited seating.


  • Sunday 10 March

12pm. Square

Concert: Narayana's Cow (1989, Tom Johnson)

Chamber ensemble directed by Stéphane Garin.


·  Counting duets (1982) 6'

·  Eggs & baskets (1987) 7'

·  Tilework for percussion + tilework for piano / from tilework (2002 - 2005) 13'

·  Doublings (1980) 10'

·  Tilework log drums  5'

·  Harmonies d’euler (1988) 9'

· Narayana’s cows (1989) - 17'



Julien Pontvianne (saxophone, clarinet)

Melaine Dalibert (piano)

Stéphane Garin (percussion) /

Aitor Ucar (guitar) /

Silvia Ruiz (bassoon) /

Ignasi Candelas Carreras (bassoon) /

Lucas Veiga (bassoon) /

Luis González (alto saxophone) /

Miguel Arribas Garcia (saxophone) /

Antía Muíño Sanchez (guitar) /

Bruno Míguez Lamanuzzi (percussion) /

Ainara Elgoibar (voice)





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