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Gattaca (Andrew Niccol, USA, 1997, 106’)


Gattaca, Andrew Niccol, AEB, 1997, 106’, DCP, OV ENG, Sub EU

*Presentation: Leire Escajedo [Biologoa; (UPV/EHU)]

Set in a future society where most children are conceived in vitro subject to genetic selection techniques. Vincent, one of the last children concei- ved naturally, is born with a cardiac deficiency and is condemned to per- forming the most unpleasant tasks. Since childhood, he has dreamed of travelling to space, but he knows full well he will never be selected. One day, he meets a man who gives him the key to forming part of the elite: by replacing Jerome, an athlete whom an accident rendered paralytic. Thus, Vincent enters Gattaca Corporation, an aerospace industry, which selects him to perform a mission on Titan.

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