T Game - Gobernanza lúdica - Eurídice Cabañes | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Gobernanza lúdica

Eurídice Cabañes

Modern life has brought significant changes with respect to previous models: a new industry has emerged based on data “extractivism”, modifying business models towards the offering of things that are “free”, while profiting from the sale of our personal information. Data is the most precious asset and is the basis for new forms of governance in which large transnationals have more power than states. The inscrutable algorithms, in private hands, make decisions about matters ranging from the most insignificant to those of vital importance. In this context, gamification has become one of the main tools for data extractivism and behaviour control. In this conference, we will propose regaining control over the game and over the management of our bodies, data and cities, putting forward the concept of governance through play as a possibility for opposing and resisting algorithmic governance.

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