Hirikikas - Introduction to creative programming with p5.js - Karlos G. Liberal, Aitor Resano | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián

Introduction to creative programming with p5.js

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Image: Interzonas

When Ben Fry and Casey Reas, helped by Maeda, started the development of processing, they looked for the parallelism between a canvass and code. 15 years later we could say that processing has inspired thousands of artists around the world, not only creating works of art with this tool, but also thinking about new tools with different purposes.

Lauren McCarthy is the creator of P5.js, the version of processing for the web. It is an open source project created by a community and supported by the processing foundation. With a modern approach and designed to be used with a p5.js browser, it is becoming very powerful.

This workshop is an introduction to both processing and to p5.js. We will deal with the basic foundations of p5.js and also its potential.

We will talk about shapes, animation and transformations. But also about variables, loops, DOM and servers.

Linking code to the web was always a good idea. Doing so from the periphery is an even better one.


Karlos G. Liberal

His fields are web technologies, free software and open hardware.

Aitor Resano

Video-games lover and Interzonas' member