Katja Davar | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Katja Davar


Katja Davar (born 1968 in London) lives and works in Cologne. Drawing is the undeniable core of Katja Davar’s artistic practice, though she expands the field of drawing into other dimensions by crafting projections and animated films. Her work reflects the schematisation of information  through sign systems which she borrows from literature, politics, finance, geology, and science. By combining different fragments of historical knowledge Davar builds worlds that revolve around the relationship between new technologies and nature: the transfer of biological structures to technical models through imitation. Tiniest oscillations, folded patterns, and morphic figurations suggest—in a subtle and poetic way—the interconnectedness and companionship of all material and immaterial things. One current project is a series of drawings focused around the concept of the Cloud as one of the most powerful metaphors of our time—an architecture of computation that envelopes the entire planet. The drawing Otherworldly, dancing somewhere above the digital sublime is being shown here for the first time.