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La rabia

A film by Albertina Carri

La rabia, Albertina Carri

La rabia (Anger), Albertina Carri, Argentina, 2008, 83', DCP, OV ES

Two farmhouses in the Pampas, shrouded in archaism and timelessness. One is home to Ale, Poldo and their daughter Nati; the other, Pichón and his son Ladeado. The houses are extremely close, linked by the tension between the two men, by infidelity, and by the friendship between mute Nati and Ladeado who protects her like an older brother.

In La Rabia, Albertina Carri distils the themes which have been so prominent throughout her filmography: dysfunctional families marred by tragedy, in which children deal with their parents’ weaknesses, suffer their absences, or do not know how to handle the adult world. In that toxic micro-climate, the rustic beauty of the landscape and the confusion of individuals exposed to underground violence meets the animalistic, the wild and the tensions of the time—and of silence.

Anger is a state of fury and bewilderment. Anger is a contagion. Anger is an epidemic.

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