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La vie de Jesus

A film by Bruno Dumont

La vie de Jesus, Bruno Dumont

La vie de Jesus, Bruno Dumont, France, 1997, 91', DCP, OV FR, Sub. ES

Freddy, Fred, lives with his mother Yvette in Bailleul. She runs a bar called “Au petit Casino”. While undergoing treatment at a specialist hospital in Bailleul for the epileptic fits that leave him feeling confused, Freddy hangs out with his pals. They’re not yet twenty, rural, poorly educated and already permanent fixtures of the local dole office, whiling away the days on their customized scooters. Fred has a girlfriend – his true love – the beautiful Marie, who is a supermarket check-out clerk. They often make love at Fred’s place; his mother takes no notice. Marie’s parents live a little further up the street but Freddy doesn’t go inside their place. They linger outside, for hours on end, kissing on the pavement. They often linger, clinging to each other… This account of Freddy’s life slowly veers toward tragedy…

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