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A look at the world of VFX

Masterclass by Jose Miguel Zapata Rubio


The world of the VFX is a world on the rise and is of interest from both the technological and artistic point of view. It encompasses and brings together a wide range of different areas, ranging from the simple conceptual sketch to the grand and high-profile international audiovisual production. There are many and diverse disciplines that make up this sector and their number is increasing. We are currently witnessing its expansion into many areas: audiovisual productions of all kinds, video games, virtual reality, etc. We will attempt to gain as wide an overview as possible of the world of VFX, showing the different ways of working in small companies and large companies, as well as how to approach the work from the freelance or contract perspective. We will also look at the different roles that are included in a project: modeller, FXTD, composer, etc. and for this I will use examples, in the form of a breakdown/making-of covering the process and the generation of effects in films and television/Internet adverts on which I have worked, discovering how these projects are approached from both the technical and artistic point of view.



Jose Miguel Zapata Rubio (Madrid, 1973) is a senior 3D digital artist and digital effects supervisor with 23 years of experience. He has worked in numerous companies in the audiovisual and digital effects sector both nationally and internationally, achieving various nominations and awards, including 2 Goyas for best visual effects. In the last 20 years he has been involved in many and varied CGI projects, gaining extensive experience in visual effects for Spanish and international cinema, also working on a number of projects for television and advertising. Given his extensive artistic experience as a 3D generalist and digital composer, his knowledge covers practically all areas of 3D, thus allowing him to participate in different aspects and stages of a production, from the design to the creation of the final image.

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