Autumn exhibitions - Madrassa collective. On Fail[l]ed Tales and Ta[y]lors - MADRASSA, Yasmina Reggad , Ala Younis, Sofiane Zouggar, Oda Projesi, Grupo Etcétera, Suspended Spaces | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Madrassa collective. On Fail[l]ed Tales and Ta[y]lors

© Mikel Eskauriaza

On Fail[l]ed Tales and Ta[y]lors adopts inefficiency, exhaustion, incompleteness, error and failure as conceptual and methodological frameworks, and as aesthetic and political principles, by inviting artists and collectives whose projects aim to challenge dominant standards within and beyond the arts.
The exhibition gathers artistic proposals that use the above-mentioned concepts as the catalyst of their practice to explore the past and present potentials of utopic making and unmaking. Mainly based on cross-disciplinary research, long-term collaborative processes and experimental productions, moreover, the works presented raise questions about the meaning of creation itself and the processes that it is doomed to go through within art and itsinstitutions.  

Based on a residency and on a seminar given at Tabakalera in 2018, On Fail[l]ed Tales and Ta[y]lors expands the reflection on collective making that Madrassa Collective started in 2015 and which was materialised in the exhibition Something to Generate From in 2016 at the Kunsthal Aarhus. Madrassa explores collaborative forms and collective artistic practices that, operating across a variety of fields and emerging from diverse epistemic worlds, embody the possibility for instituting new practices, spaces and times. The curatorial body engages in exhibitions as spaces capable of giving voice to these collective forms, and as the very times in which new notions of the collective come to form.

Participants in the exhibition:

  • Ala Younis 
  • Grupo Etcetera 
  • Oda Projesi 
  • Sofiane Zouggar 
  • Suspended Spaces 
  • Yasmina Reggad

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