Maite Larburu | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Maite Larburu

Photo: Nagore Legarreta

(Hernani, 1979) is a professional violinist. She works on the Central European ancient classical music circuit. Beyond her main profession, after meeting Josh Cheatham in Amsterdam (where she lived from 2002 to 2018) she formed the duo Neighbor, with which she explored the path of the singer and  discovered other musical instruments as a means of expression. Neighbor made two records: Ura patrikan and HAU. She released her first solo record in March 2019: Hezurren azpian. It is entirely in Basque. Asier Altuna and Marian Fernández directed and filmed the video for the song Gona, which 
was well received. Hezurren azpian received the Musika Bulegoa 2020 award and is one of the finalists in the MIN national independent music awards for best record in Basque.