Olatz Otalora | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Olatz Otalora


Algorta, 1990. Olatz Otalora studied Fine Arts at the UPV/EHU, the University of Barcelona and Kalostra (Donostia). In 2015 and 2020 she received production grants from the Basque Government. She has had residencies at Media-Lab Prado (Madrid), Constant (Brussels, 2013) and Fundación BilbaoArte (2016).

Her work has been shown in exhibitions such as Bi/Dos/Two (Azkuna Zentroa, 2018), Ertibil 2018 and AMP Zarata (Okela Lantegia, 2019), and she has collaborated in projects such as LaPublika (Consonni – Okela Lantegia, 2016), Alam Al-Mithal (Tabakalera – Les Etoiles, Casablanca, 2017), Getxoarte Mediation Programme 2019 and 2021, and Harriak 2016 (Eremuak).

Since 2013 she has worked as an artist’s assistant, gallery assistant and English teacher, and has published texts on different platforms, including the Eremuak magazine número 4, dedicated to art education. She has recently translated several texts for artists and a poem into Basque.