Pablo Marte | Tabakalera - Donostia / San Sebastián
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Pablo Marte

Cadiz, 1975.

His work is focused on how image signification is articulated /re-articulated and analysing how the speech is produced through symptomatic, expansive and heterogeneous edition practice. He has shown his work, individually and collectively, in "First Thought Best" (Eremuak , Artium , Vitoria 2014), " Marginalia " (Arteleku , San Sebastian, 2013), Pantalla Fantasma Festival (Bilbao, 2013), L' Occasione (Bilbao, 2012), EspaiDos (Terrassa , 2010)  and " Antes que todo" ( CA2M , Móstoles, 2010) among others. In 2012 he was curatorial resident at Bilbaoarte Foundation, where he curated "Enter the Ghost , Exit the Ghost , Re -Enter the Ghost " an inttermittent exhibition series. He participated in programming HPC for consonni with "The Problem is in the Middle" and also wrote and directed the play "Again , against " released at BAD, Festival of Theatre and Performance of Bilbao (2013). He published the editorial project "Pretty Woman", deployed in ten essays and ten interventions. He is currently preparing his participation in the exhibition " Canibalia ", curated by Julia Morandeira at Kadist Art Foundation (Paris) and collaborates in "Gio Bat" project, in collaboration with Manu Uranga.